Wednesday, March 19, 2008

come back in 45 days

After waiting six months for my interview for my PdiS, I was told to come back in 45 days. Oh yes my friends, when you go for your PdiS appointment you don't leave with it in hand. After early wake up, the waiting outside in the cold, the pushing and shoving, the multiply questions, the finger printing and the police officer chewing on tobacco while serving us, we were asked to return to pick up my PdiS. Overall, the time spent at the Questura was shorter than I expected. The BF did all of the talking and the fact that we had proof of my flight for early that afternoon things went fast and smooth.

Italy is still FAB. The weather is warming up with the odd day of rain here and there. A few nights ago was the first night I heard thunder, it was lovely. Happily I was at home during the rain fall.

Stay FAB!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Finally, Legal....

well not quite. Ladies and gentlemen, my Pdis appointment is tomorrow at 11:03am. I hear we must arrive early so we are going for 8am (thing that's early enough, damn it). Shortly there after (240pm) I am on a flight to the UK (Manchester). We are hoping to expedite the process due to the fact I have to get to the airport an hour before departure. Another concern I have is if I will have documents in hand (Pdis) so that I am able to reenter Italia. We will see, I still HEART ITALIA!

Stay FAB!

I HEART Italia!

Stay FAB!