Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mini Wheats Commerical!

Never thought I liked mini wheats until this commerical. Every morning when I wake up I hear this commerical on the TV...good marketing job...Enjoy

So embarrassed!

Today I had my last night of Yoga as my instructor will be on vacation for the next two weeks. I go to yoga once a week and refuse to go else where because I really enjoy the teacher I have. I did not know it was going to be my last class before my departure or else I would have brought my camera. Any how, it was all good until…
Well there is this girl that has been in my yoga class since last year. She is quiet, still hasn’t purchased a yoga mat and always smiles when I say hello. Today I said to her “are you pregnant, your belly looks so cute”. I can clearly tell she was blushing under her brown skin. She then turns to me and says “no I am not pregnant, I have gained weight”. I was so embarrassed that she wasn’t pregnant but it looked like she was. She had the 3 month cute belly which I think is so cute on pregnant women. She was not happy with me as she did not say bye nor did she smile. I still believe she is pregnant and just didn’t want to tell me as it really isn't any of my business. Oh well, next time I will keep my mouth shut before I ask if someone if they are pregnant.

BTW, the youtube video I posted yesterday is no longer available. I wonder why B?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poor Beyonce!

Not much more to say

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well I finally cracked and joined facebook ( Many of my friends and work colleagues have been on facebook for many months but me, being the private person I am ;) I decided against it until recently. My reasoning, well I figured I am leaving Toronto and it COULD possible be nice way to meet up or connect with people I haven't spoken to in years. I have found old friends from grade school and high school on facebook. I also reconnected with people I met through my travels over the years. I don't know how someone can become addicted but I guess it's possible. There are people I know that are on the damn thing all day being noisy;). If you don't set your FB settings accordingly anyone can access your info and pics. I'm not sure if Crackbook is popular where you are but it sure is in Toronto and N.America. It's a more sophisticated version of myspace, which I never joined as I thought it was too complicated.

Anyway, if any of you join. Don't let the addiction get to you:)


The people you meet!

I met this older man today while I was out. I was sitting by my lonesome when he decided to sit next to me. I was out enjoying the sun and he was doing the same. Because I live at the waterfront in Toronto its easy walk out and sit by the lake (one of the ugliest in my opinion). Any he began to talk to me about the recent changes of the years to Toronto's waterfront and he knew a whole lot of history about the waterfront. I found out later that he had lived at the waterfront for 30+yrs. It was nice to speak to him because he was very knowledgeable and educated me about my neighbourhood. Oh I will miss it...sniff...sniff...

What else is new? Well I had my "goodbye Roxy" party. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. Here are some pics!
They didn't know how to say "good trip" in Italian so said it in French, close
The other pic is of the host (one of my bestest friends at work) and the Admin. Secretary and Colombian homey I could not do my work with out...

I am in the process of selling some furniture and stuff...I have sold a few items so far but still have the big things to sell. My bed (which I love too much), dresser and my sofa. I have posted my items on as well as internal postings at work and in my condo. Hopefully the remainder of things will see at the listed price.

My BF arrives in 3 weeks and a bit. We are excited as we know that there will be no more good-byes. I am excited about not having to say good-bye for 3 months and do the damn count down each time. Gosh, I hate the countdown.

I am going at the kick boxing classes ( full swing because I paid for the month membership, which allows for unlimited monthly classes. So yesterday I deiced to Rollerblade for 3 hours and deiced today to go to kick boxing for 3 hours. Bad idea Dan! I body is sore from head to toe, literally. I am back at it tomorrow again but hopefully the pain will wear off. I hope I can continue kick boxing in Italy. Its an amazing workout and its a lot of fun.

Peace and hair grease!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Italia, sto arrivando...wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all know that today was the big is how I did it!

While in Italy in April I visited "corso di lingua Italiana per gli stranieri" and inquired about there Italian lessons. After pondering for a day I went back and asked if I could register for the lessons beginning in October. They photocopied my passport and asked I come back in a few days. Unfortunately, I was leaving the next day so I therefore could not pick it up. A week later my BF picked up the letter and mailed me the original copy. I used a email copy to bring to the consulate just "to see" if what was written in the letter was sufficient for a student visa. I was told sadly that they letter only stated "I presented myself to register" and not that "I paid and registered". The lady at the consulate asked that I call the school and ask them to issue me a new letter stating that I paid for the course. Totally starting freaking out at this point because since its a "corso di lingua Italiana per gli stranieri" I did not have to pay. So I then asked my BF to go to the school and ask that they issue me a new letter. The school flat out said they would not do that for the reason I did not pay for the course. I waited about a month before I returned with the original letter (nothing changed), my flight itinerary (not an official booked ticket), bank statement for 3 months, my passport and one passport size picture. I was really nervous because it was the same lady I dealt with a month earlier who had told me that letter had to be changed. Anyway, I took a deep breath, presented her with my documents. Once she started to examine the letter I said to her "I asked the school to issue me a new letter but they would not" she smiled and said "no problem". She continued to shuffle the papers and said she will issue the visa for the duration of the course (Oct-July) but could not issue the visa beyond that time. I was asked to come back on June 26 to pick up my visa but was later called and asked to come on July 9 (visa's cannot be issued more than 90days of the visa start date).
I went back today and was all smiles when the gentlemen placed the visa in my brand new passport.
So that's my story of how I got my student visa. I paid nothing and got a whole lot in return.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ticket purchased

Howdie folks, how goes things? For me things are slowly coming along. Booked my flight to Italy this week. It cost less than I was originally quoted which was nice and I was able to get an open ticket which is good for one year. Unfortuantely Chicco and I are not flying back together as it cost way too much to be on his flight. So I will be leaving four hours after him, it would have been nice to fly with him but saving money is more importan.
On Monday, I pick up my visa. Am I worried? oh hell yes because I fear that they might change there mind and decide not to grant me a visa. I will be the happiest person on earth once I have that visa in my hand.
My colleagues have decided to have a goodbye party for me. How sweet of my colleagues to do this. It's a pot luck style bbq/patio party at one of my colleagues homes and I know it will be a night to remember.
My BF arrives in 40 days and of course I am excited. It's been a long time coming and the days just seem to be pulling along.