Saturday, June 28, 2008

Turn it UP

The good old summer heat is here in Italy. When I say it's hot in this city, its hot. Not only is it hot it's also humid. A kind of humidity that I am so not use to but realize that I better get used to it because it's here to stay. I have experienced some bad conditions in Toronto but have always been saved by the AC. Everywhere you go in Toronto during the summer months the AC is in full swing. I often brought a sweater with me as I knew every building would be kickin with AC. Here in Italy, its a different story. When I enter a building, for example the mall or a shop I am expecting to feel the difference in temperature from outside. But, no I continue to sweat....uuuggghh. Where I work there is AC but it's never in use. Those who are in Italy know what the weather has been like the last few days, HOTTTTTTT. So it would be nice if after riding my bike through the smog, traffic and humidity I get a little cool feeling if I was to enter a building. I am not saying that all inside places are like this but most of them are.
My OH's mom's house also has no AC and sleeping at night is just out right uncomfortable.
At least I know that in Australia the AC is kickin':) which is something to look forward to.


Small World

While enjoying my first spritz since arriving back in Italy, I was recognized. Sitting in piazza dei signori sipping on a spritz al campari, enjoying the lovely weather and scenery, a woman came by the table where E and I were sitting. I have had people come up to me a few times since my stay here in Italy and asked me weird things but this time I was asked "do you have a blog". I responded, with hesitation, "yes". After she told me how she came across my blog we exchanged names. As this city is too small, I am sure we will run into one another again. If your out there, send me a message and we can meet up for a drink. If you have a blog someone will notice you:)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two one way ticktes, please

So now for the exciting news. The big news of the year, well not the biggest but its close. Back in December Enrico and I spoke about moving...sniff...sniff...As he has always lived in Italy he wants to experience living in another country. And we can't blame him after all I left Toronto to have a similar experience. I told him I did not want at this moment to return to Canada but would be open to any other country like Well his ideal country besides Canada is not Dubai, guess where it is my friends? Starts with an A and ends with an A. That's right AUSTRALIA. Yup we are moving to Australia in September and plan to stay there for a least one year. My profession is high demand in Australia so working should not be problem for me. Enrico also has the possibility to transfer with his company as they have offices in Australia.
As much as I support new experiences I am really sad to leave Italy. I love it here besides all the bureaucracy BS, for me life is easy. I tried to convince him to stay another year but he ain't budging. His mother is blaming me....WHATEVER. As much as Enrico and I have tried to convince her that its all his plan she still blames me....jokes. We started a new blog a few months back which we are dedicated to keep in up to date once we arrive in Australia, check it out

Stay FAB!


I had to come back from Toronto with something new and guess what it is? a new computer...Toshiba Protege R500. you likey?

After all that

After all that running around to make sure I had my PDis prior to departure from Italy, it was never asked for. I came back to Italy on a one way ticket and was never asked if I had permission to stay in Italy. When I arrived in Belgium the customs guy only asked if I was travelling for business or pleasure. Sometimes I wonder if its because I am carrying a Canadian passport. Thankfully there was no troubles for me coming back into Italy.

Stay FAB!

Greasy and Fried:(

So as many of you know I travelled to Toronto recently for what seemed to be a long trip. I went solo and left the hubby behind as he had to work. My time in Toronto was spent eating, literally, all things greasy and fried. It was hummy at the time but later I paid for it:( I hadn't had greasy food in so long so my stomach had to adjust....I met up with my ex-colleagues, my close friends and my lovely family. I am thinking now the time spent in Toronto might have been a little too short. I was rushed to handle the business stuff, renew drivers license, visit my doctor and dentist etc. And spending time with my friends and family seemed rushed as well and I often found myself wanting to sleep. Anyway, I am happy to be back home. Now that I have visited Toronto I must say I don't think I would live there again. After being in Italy for 9months I much prefer Padova over Toronto. There was something about Toronto that turned me off and I haven't quite put my finger on it. Weird eh? Stay FAB!

My hair "GOD"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big, Tall & New

Arrived in Toronto yesterday and I must say I am a little culture shocked. Its weird to see all these tall, new buildings and big cars. The sight of people for all walks of life is a little shocking also. Padova has a few different cultures but not like Toronto. While I am here I will take it all in and bring back some of Toronto to Italy. Now that I know what I was missing in the last 9 months I am going to bring some of it back with me.

Stay FAB!