Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me Likey!!!

Not sure if your all going crazy over the "not" so new Chanel blue satin nailpolish. I searched high and low here in Italy to find it to find out that Italy will not be receiving the colour until early February....uugghhh. At the moment I found out the sad news my boss was going to Paris on a business trip. So of course I had to get her to pick it up for me. It was 1.50 euros cheaper and no one here in Italy has it....hahaha. I will post the pics of it on my nails shortly but for now here is a look at it in the bottle. You likey?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Corvara 2007

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope this year brings many joys and health to your life. Our winter holiday was spent in Corvara which is in the North of Italy. I love the winter season and more so enjoy the sight of the snow falling. I have always wanted to spend the winter holidays skiing but never had that opportunity in Toronto.
The drive to Corvara was about 2.5hrs which seemed shorter due to the BFs driving. We stayed at a lovely garni which cost 30 euros per night. The room was cozy, warm and comfortable as many of the rooms are in Corvara. The residents of Corvara were nice but seemed to prefer the German people more than the Italian people. I sometimes thought I was in Germany as all the Italians spoke German when they were speaking amongst themselves. I was told later that they do prefer German people as they prefer to be German, interesting eh? Anyway, here are some pics.

View from our room at night

New Year's dinner (maccaroni con salmone e crema mascarpone....buonissimo)

The BF was cold!

12:01am (Happy New Year)