Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ciao Italia

The day has come; we are leaving Italy in less than 24hrs. I am sad and happy at the same time. Sad because my love for Italy is dear and happy because I have done so much research and packaging in the last days that I just want it to be over. Italy I will love you forever and see you soonJ

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Stay FAB!

Friday, August 22, 2008

No, really....


Stay FAB!

blue salty water

Since my love of Italy began I always wanted to travel to south Italy. Well, we did just that for our summer vacay, like all Italians do. We went just before the crowds arrived and I still had the feeling like the entire country was down south....lol. We decided on Praia a mare, region of Calabria to spend our vacay as E wanted to fly and I wanted to swim and relax on the beach. Overall the trip was good, we stayed at a beach front hotel called hotel garden http://www.gardenpraia.it/ got it for a decent price due to E's discount through his flying club. After leaving Praia a mare we decided to stay a night in San Benedetto del Tronto region of Marche. This was a nice area as well however I preferred the beach in Praia a mare

I leave you with some pictures.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No, really....

So my OH was driving on the highway in Padova today and he saw this sign. Please note that Pechino is in China....lol Click on the link for a better view. My question is who would drive to China from Padova?

Stay WELL!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No, really

I came across this newspaper article in the Toronto Star a few days ago and I thought I would share it with all of you. For some reason I am not surprised that this happened in Italy. What are your thoughts?



Monday, July 14, 2008


Sagra is an annual thing here in north Italy where every summer the small villages cook for the masses. If you love food and you're in Italy you need to find a sagra. They are usually held in small towns so you will need a car to attend. When they advertise a sagra the signs are big, colourful and very detailed listing the time and date of the sagra. The sagra I attend had games, a few rides, and a stage with music and many small booths selling stuff. Here are some pics from Sagra di valle san Giorgio. Stay FAB!


Yes it is. Italian Vogue, July issue is on newsstands now. Buy a copy and celebrate history as no other magazine has used so many black models in one issue, other than magazines like Essence and Ebony. I picked up my copy week or so ago after hearing the buzz months back

My thoughts:
I wasn't really expecting a lot. When I heard it was an "all black issue" I thought to myself there is no way a high fashion magazine will be able to pull this off. An "all black issue" to me means, black woman from front to back of the magazine. Well not quite. Valentino, Prada, Gucci ads in the magazine sadly did not feature black models. It's okay though because

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. I love the stories which speak about some of the influential black people in America.

If you haven't got it yet, GO AND GET IT.

Stay FAB!

La Notte dei saldi

All you shoppers out there, now is the time to be shopping in Italy. Everything has gone on sale and it seems to be a good one. The night the sales began the stores in Padova were open until 12am. I honestly have not seen so many people like I saw that night it was like the entire city woke up from the dead...lol. Happy shopping!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Turn it UP

The good old summer heat is here in Italy. When I say it's hot in this city, its hot. Not only is it hot it's also humid. A kind of humidity that I am so not use to but realize that I better get used to it because it's here to stay. I have experienced some bad conditions in Toronto but have always been saved by the AC. Everywhere you go in Toronto during the summer months the AC is in full swing. I often brought a sweater with me as I knew every building would be kickin with AC. Here in Italy, its a different story. When I enter a building, for example the mall or a shop I am expecting to feel the difference in temperature from outside. But, no I continue to sweat....uuuggghh. Where I work there is AC but it's never in use. Those who are in Italy know what the weather has been like the last few days, HOTTTTTTT. So it would be nice if after riding my bike through the smog, traffic and humidity I get a little cool feeling if I was to enter a building. I am not saying that all inside places are like this but most of them are.
My OH's mom's house also has no AC and sleeping at night is just out right uncomfortable.
At least I know that in Australia the AC is kickin':) which is something to look forward to.


Small World

While enjoying my first spritz since arriving back in Italy, I was recognized. Sitting in piazza dei signori sipping on a spritz al campari, enjoying the lovely weather and scenery, a woman came by the table where E and I were sitting. I have had people come up to me a few times since my stay here in Italy and asked me weird things but this time I was asked "do you have a blog". I responded, with hesitation, "yes". After she told me how she came across my blog we exchanged names. As this city is too small, I am sure we will run into one another again. If your out there, send me a message and we can meet up for a drink. If you have a blog someone will notice you:)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two one way ticktes, please

So now for the exciting news. The big news of the year, well not the biggest but its close. Back in December Enrico and I spoke about moving...sniff...sniff...As he has always lived in Italy he wants to experience living in another country. And we can't blame him after all I left Toronto to have a similar experience. I told him I did not want at this moment to return to Canada but would be open to any other country like Dubai....lol. Well his ideal country besides Canada is not Dubai, guess where it is my friends? Starts with an A and ends with an A. That's right AUSTRALIA. Yup we are moving to Australia in September and plan to stay there for a least one year. My profession is high demand in Australia so working should not be problem for me. Enrico also has the possibility to transfer with his company as they have offices in Australia.
As much as I support new experiences I am really sad to leave Italy. I love it here besides all the bureaucracy BS, for me life is easy. I tried to convince him to stay another year but he ain't budging. His mother is blaming me....WHATEVER. As much as Enrico and I have tried to convince her that its all his plan she still blames me....jokes. We started a new blog a few months back which we are dedicated to keep in up to date once we arrive in Australia, check it out http://2heartsinaustralia.blogspot.com/

Stay FAB!


I had to come back from Toronto with something new and guess what it is? a new computer...Toshiba Protege R500. you likey?

After all that

After all that running around to make sure I had my PDis prior to departure from Italy, it was never asked for. I came back to Italy on a one way ticket and was never asked if I had permission to stay in Italy. When I arrived in Belgium the customs guy only asked if I was travelling for business or pleasure. Sometimes I wonder if its because I am carrying a Canadian passport. Thankfully there was no troubles for me coming back into Italy.

Stay FAB!

Greasy and Fried:(

So as many of you know I travelled to Toronto recently for what seemed to be a long trip. I went solo and left the hubby behind as he had to work. My time in Toronto was spent eating, literally, all things greasy and fried. It was hummy at the time but later I paid for it:( I hadn't had greasy food in so long so my stomach had to adjust....I met up with my ex-colleagues, my close friends and my lovely family. I am thinking now the time spent in Toronto might have been a little too short. I was rushed to handle the business stuff, renew drivers license, visit my doctor and dentist etc. And spending time with my friends and family seemed rushed as well and I often found myself wanting to sleep. Anyway, I am happy to be back home. Now that I have visited Toronto I must say I don't think I would live there again. After being in Italy for 9months I much prefer Padova over Toronto. There was something about Toronto that turned me off and I haven't quite put my finger on it. Weird eh? Stay FAB!

My hair "GOD"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big, Tall & New

Arrived in Toronto yesterday and I must say I am a little culture shocked. Its weird to see all these tall, new buildings and big cars. The sight of people for all walks of life is a little shocking also. Padova has a few different cultures but not like Toronto. While I am here I will take it all in and bring back some of Toronto to Italy. Now that I know what I was missing in the last 9 months I am going to bring some of it back with me.

Stay FAB!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


finally, picked up my PDis. I waited about 15mins and was asked only one question, "are you married to an Italian"? strange thing to ask but I am assuming it was because he was interested....lol. The PDis has an expiry date in September which gives me time to renew if need be and also came came with a protective card holder.
Lots of luck to those in the process of applying or those patiently waiting.

Stay FAB!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 minutes and Work

These two songs 4 minutes by Madonna and JT and Work by Kelly Rowland are both driving me to drink. Every second I turn on the radio I hear either one of these songs being played on at least two different radio stations. Its funny because I have never heard so much of Kelly Rowland since DC as she seemed to be in the foreshadows of Mrs. Knowles. I pray that the next time I turn on the radio here in Italy I hear something different like, ummmmmmm, I don't know but something other than M and KR.

Stay FAB!

7 months almost to the day

how weird is tha? I mailed out the application kit for the PDis on October 24th and I checked the website on May 23rd and guess what? its ready for pick up. So from start to finish it took about 7 months to receive the PDis. Its funny because the student visa that I have expires in one month so I am curious to see when the PDis will expire. For all of you that have a applied or going to apply note that it ain't no speedy process.

Stay FAB!


On a lovely afternoon when contemplating what to prepare for dinner I realized I needed some things at the grocery store. So I decided to take a short walk to the one near our home, not a big grocery store but a mid-size one. Well, when I got there I was very surprised to see that the supermarket, the butcher shop and the pasticheria were all closed on a WEDNESDAY...uuuggghh, how frustrating is that? I was told from my OH that these type of stores are closed on Wednesdays. We know Padova ain't a big city like Rome or Milan but it ain't small either. Anyway, I learned my lesson. No shopping on WEDNESDAYS....

Stay FAB!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The inside & The outside

As I haven't posted anything about the wonderful health care system in Italy, I thought now would be the right time.
Late last year I decided to visit a gynecologist at the request of my doctor back home in Toronto. I didn't feel to comfortable going for the visit as I was worried that the doctor wouldn't be able to understand my "bad" Italian. After doing some research and trying to decide whether to go private or public, I decided to go private. I do have health care coverage in Italy but was told by many Italians that the public system is a bit slow, if you know what I mean. The gynecologist that I saw was a woman who to my luck studied in Canada so therefore spoke English very well. Her practice was inside her house and separated from her living corridors. The medical part of her home looked like a doctors office, it was so weird but welcoming. Soon as I met her I felt comfortable. After a 30 minute visit and a few minutes of chit chat, I paid 70.00 euros for an internal/external exam. I was also given the pictures from the exam and a written report. The wait to see the doctor was about 25mins, the room and office area were clean. I followed up with the same doctor a month or two ago and all was the same. I didn't have to pay for the second visit as it was a follow visit.

A few weeks back, exactly 10 days before my big day I had a nasty allergic reaction. Nothing like I have every had before. My entire face was full of red bumps and my face was swollen. Do you say I was freaking out? oh hell yes. After the second day of my face not clearing up and to me only getting worse, I decided to visit the emergency department. Prior to my decision I once again was thinking private or public. I choose to go public this time due constant talk in my ears by my OH and his family, "you don't need private for this". Anyway, we went to the emergency department on a rainy night, waited about 1.5hours and was told to come back the next morning as there were no dermatologist available. I was told little of nothing by the doctor/nurse who saw my face but we all concluded that it was a "bad" allergic reaction. We had to pay a ticket (18.00 euros) which I understand is like a processing fee. Still don't understand it but it seems like a ticket is paid for many public services. The next morning we went back to the emergency department and went through the same procedure, wait (10mins), see a doctor (who spoke English very well, the night before I wasn't so lucky) and then see the dermatologist. The emergency doctor was very thorough asked a lot of questions and even touched my face. The night before the doctor like I said, said little of nothing. Once we arrived at the dermatologist office there were quite a few people waiting in line. So I imagined it would be another long wait. But as I was with my OH's mother and her friend (who is a retired psychiatrist), he knew the dermatologist working so the wait was about 10mins and the visit with the dermatologist was another 15mins. It was concluded that I had an allergic reaction to some kind of chemical that was sprayed in the air. I was told to apply a crotozone like cream to my face for 5 days twice a day. That same day my face started to break out, my OH sprayed an awful perfume in the air (never will forgive him for that)....The day before my big day my face cleared up. I was so happy and full of smiles. I would post pictures but I don't want to scare you guys...lol.
So that's my inside and outside experience.

Stay FAB!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

45 days is up

It is less than 45 days but I thought for some reason it would be ready early. Surprise, surprise, its not ready for pick up as yet. The waiting continues my friends.

Stay FAB

bye, bye, Guizza

A few months back Enrico and I decided to move back to his mom's house to save some money. We have some big plans ahead for September and we need all the money we can save. I can't share the details yet until a later date.
We having been living with his mom now for a week and we already feel the difference, doesn't feel the same. We both enjoyed having our space and everything else that comes with living alone. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy having dinner prepared for the evening at 10am, our clothes ironed to the crisp etc, etc but our preference is to be living alone. Anyway, we will do this for the next few months until our next BIG change happens.
So for now I can visit Guizza when I need to get my H&M fix or when I need to do a lot of shopping;)

Stay FAB!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Excuse me for having fun times in Italy, I will try to keep my post more current:)
A couple weeks back we spent two days in Milano (I heart Milano) for the Alicia Keys concert.
Do I say this girl stepped up her game. She took her ass from behind the keyboard and piano and put on an amazing show. You gotta give the props to her choreographer, fellow Torontoian, Ms. Scott.
We were able to stay in north Milano with our friends for the night which was nice as the drive back to Padova at 1230am would have been torture.
We drove through my favourite place lago di como because there was no parking...sniff...sniff but I was promised a visit back before the end of the summer. However I was able to see como from above as we went to the Jungle Park (jungleraiderpark.com) and I must say the view from above is just as beautiful. I was super excited about our visit to the jungle park as I had never done such an adventure, who wouldn't want to swing from trees like a Tarzan...lol. We had the time of our lives and I paid for it days after as my body was swore as ever. But it was all worth it. When in the Milano area its a must visit expecially if you love that sort of thing even if you don't the experience is wonderful.

Stay FAB!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

come back in 45 days

After waiting six months for my interview for my PdiS, I was told to come back in 45 days. Oh yes my friends, when you go for your PdiS appointment you don't leave with it in hand. After early wake up, the waiting outside in the cold, the pushing and shoving, the multiply questions, the finger printing and the police officer chewing on tobacco while serving us, we were asked to return to pick up my PdiS. Overall, the time spent at the Questura was shorter than I expected. The BF did all of the talking and the fact that we had proof of my flight for early that afternoon things went fast and smooth.

Italy is still FAB. The weather is warming up with the odd day of rain here and there. A few nights ago was the first night I heard thunder, it was lovely. Happily I was at home during the rain fall.

Stay FAB!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Finally, Legal....

well not quite. Ladies and gentlemen, my Pdis appointment is tomorrow at 11:03am. I hear we must arrive early so we are going for 8am (thing that's early enough, damn it). Shortly there after (240pm) I am on a flight to the UK (Manchester). We are hoping to expedite the process due to the fact I have to get to the airport an hour before departure. Another concern I have is if I will have documents in hand (Pdis) so that I am able to reenter Italia. We will see, I still HEART ITALIA!

Stay FAB!

I HEART Italia!

Stay FAB!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love is in the HAIR

So, another post about my hair. This time I am happy to say its all about the LOVE.
We knew about this hair salon in Vicenza since last April and now decided to give it a try as I was going crazy with all the new growth to my hair. I thought about going natural but even then I would need to find someone to help me maintain it. Anyway, we ventured out to the salon for my 930am appointment and was happy to be the only ones in the salon. If any of you know black hair salons, you and ten other people could have the same appointment time. There was only one lady working in the salon who is also the owner along with her sister, whom just had a baby and therefore was taking time away from the salon. The lady (sorry I don't remember her name, oh dear!) who is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic communicated with my BF through me as she spoke limited English. There was nothing fancy about this hair salon which is not what I am used to back in Toronto. But it kinda reminded me of the "around the way" hair salon. You know the ones with a couple of chairs, magazines from 2002 and a few hair dryers.
She set up shop there 5 years ago so I trusted her with my hair. Even though we could not communicate to one another directly I knew that she knew what she was doing. Her hands felt good in my hair, she wasn't afraid to pull, trim or blow dry my hair. Some of the procedures where different, like she roller set my hair before using the blow dryer which I have always wanted my hairstylist in Toronto to do but because of timing her never did it. This process allows your hair to have more body and for someone with thin hair I prefer to have a rollerset. There was also limited use of the flat iron which is always good as it damages your hair. Overall the experience was good. And like all "around the way" hair salons there was some drama....something about a girl who later arrived had been threatened by her husband etc...etc. My BF communicated this to me after we had left.
Anyway, two and a half hours later I came out looking ultra FAB! Sorry I only have this pic to show but believe you me I was happier compared to my last hair salon experience. Stay FAB!

What's in the cup?

Recently a friend came over with McDonald's as he was too lazy to head home and eat and refused to eat what we had prepared. While he was eating his McDonald's I suddenly started to smell "beer". I wasn't drinking any beer and neither was anyone else in the house. So I asked him "what's in your cup?" and his response "beer". Yes my friends he bought beer from McDonald's He ordered it through Mcdrive which is the drive thru at McDonald's. So anytime you want to drink and drive head to McDonald's and order a beer....lol. All jokes aside I spoke about it for hours with our guest and drying to find a logical reason as to why they would offer beer at McDonald's? here is the pic.
Stay FAB!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What colour is your house?

Why, why, why? Is there a law in Italy that says the houses/apartments need to be painted a certain colour. The pics below are some of the colours in our neighbourhood which are not so bad compared to what I have seen else where in northern Italy. How about bright pink and puke green? Those of you who live in Italy do you know of any such laws or is it just personal taste?

Stay FAB!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me Likey!!!

Not sure if your all going crazy over the "not" so new Chanel blue satin nailpolish. I searched high and low here in Italy to find it to find out that Italy will not be receiving the colour until early February....uugghhh. At the moment I found out the sad news my boss was going to Paris on a business trip. So of course I had to get her to pick it up for me. It was 1.50 euros cheaper and no one here in Italy has it....hahaha. I will post the pics of it on my nails shortly but for now here is a look at it in the bottle. You likey?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Corvara 2007

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope this year brings many joys and health to your life. Our winter holiday was spent in Corvara which is in the North of Italy. I love the winter season and more so enjoy the sight of the snow falling. I have always wanted to spend the winter holidays skiing but never had that opportunity in Toronto.
The drive to Corvara was about 2.5hrs which seemed shorter due to the BFs driving. We stayed at a lovely garni which cost 30 euros per night. The room was cozy, warm and comfortable as many of the rooms are in Corvara. The residents of Corvara were nice but seemed to prefer the German people more than the Italian people. I sometimes thought I was in Germany as all the Italians spoke German when they were speaking amongst themselves. I was told later that they do prefer German people as they prefer to be German, interesting eh? Anyway, here are some pics.

View from our room at night

New Year's dinner (maccaroni con salmone e crema mascarpone....buonissimo)

The BF paragliding....it was cold!

12:01am (Happy New Year)