Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meet the parent..sister..aunt..friends..neighbours...etc

I know, it took too long to blog my trip to Padova. Where do I start? ummmmmmmmmmmm.
I met his mother, sister, brother in-law, aunt, family friend (Claudia) and his million and 1 friends. You know the Francesco's and Marco'
I VERY nervous when I met his mother. My nerves got the best of me because his mother does not speak English, thank god for my hands. We used a lot of hand gestures to communicate and of course Enrico was the interperter...thank you baby:) Unfortunately I was not able to meet his dad as he passed away the week prior to my arrival. I was very sad when Enrico told me the news because I was looking forward to meething his father..."never met you but i miss you"

Overall I had a wonderful time with Enrico he took good care of me and was always making sure I was ok. Are Italian men usually that caring? I think so, unless I found A GOOD ONE! My trip to Padova has sealed it; my move is official. I see my life there with Enrico and the only way I will know how things will pan out is if I make the I AM GOING TO DO IT!.....YIPPPEEEE

"Desperation keeps us strong"
Ti Amo

Back in Town:(

<---me in Porto, Portugal....yummmy seafood:)

Sorry everyone for the big gap in my postings but I was having a hellava good time in Europe. I cannot tell how much I enjoyed Spain/Portugal. I absolutely loved the food in Portugal (I love seafood) so it was the perfect place for me. Favourite place in Spain by far was Granada the Alhambra....oh I will be getting married there, PROMISE (well i can't promise but I would love too). Overall my time in Spain & Portugal was FANTASTIC, no major complaints..............I know you are all waiting to hear about my visit to Padova....move to my next blog......