Wednesday, August 23, 2006

9 days & counting.....

So in 9 days I will be leaving on my trip to Spain/Portugal/Italy:) Excited is the appropriate word to describe how I am feeling. Sept 17, I will see the love of my life and I am very much looking forward to seeing him. Experiencing how he lives his life in Padova will be interesting and it will give me an idea of how my life will possible be when I arrive. I am a little anxious because there are MANY people I will meet while in Padova. His parents being the ones causing me much anxiety as they speak no English and I speak NO will we communicate? oh my:). And the many friends this man has is crazy, I swear there are 10 Francesco's and 10 Marco' get the drift.
Chicco continues to be supportive and strong with our long distance relationship thing...Damn it's HARD.....He is couting down the days until I arrive and boy does time seem to be going slow..............ughhhhhhhhh. I will be MIA for sometime as I will have very limited internet access on my journey (thank god) but I will have a lot to talk about when I get back.

Ciao (soon I will know more words...hehehe)

Just realized something

How to read the comments posted on my blog....duhhhhhh. thanks everyone for leaving comments. Now I must figure out how to reply to the commments, is that even possible?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well, I guess you can say I have been MIA (missing in action). I have been busy with a lot lately and that is why I have not posted in a couple of weeks. I am currently getting ready for my big trip overseas (Spain, Portugal and of course Padova, Italy). I will be touring Spain/Portugal for 17 days and then I will stay 8 days in Padova with Chicco. I am excited about my trip to Spain/Portugal but I am more exicted to see Chicco. I have not seen him since July 7, so I am very much looking forward to seeing him. He has been doing searches for me in Italy for teaching jobs and hair salons. We have decided to attempt to apply for a long term visa prior to me moving to Italy. We will start the process 3 months prior to my departure. I have been reading a lot of expat websites and from that, have been getting a lot of information. I have also decided to take Italian lessons in the fall. We made that decision as it would help me when I move to Italy next year. I will not learn the language a lot but I will learn enough to help me conversate with the Italian people. Time flys when you are having fun:)