Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love is in the HAIR

So, another post about my hair. This time I am happy to say its all about the LOVE.
We knew about this hair salon in Vicenza since last April and now decided to give it a try as I was going crazy with all the new growth to my hair. I thought about going natural but even then I would need to find someone to help me maintain it. Anyway, we ventured out to the salon for my 930am appointment and was happy to be the only ones in the salon. If any of you know black hair salons, you and ten other people could have the same appointment time. There was only one lady working in the salon who is also the owner along with her sister, whom just had a baby and therefore was taking time away from the salon. The lady (sorry I don't remember her name, oh dear!) who is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic communicated with my BF through me as she spoke limited English. There was nothing fancy about this hair salon which is not what I am used to back in Toronto. But it kinda reminded me of the "around the way" hair salon. You know the ones with a couple of chairs, magazines from 2002 and a few hair dryers.
She set up shop there 5 years ago so I trusted her with my hair. Even though we could not communicate to one another directly I knew that she knew what she was doing. Her hands felt good in my hair, she wasn't afraid to pull, trim or blow dry my hair. Some of the procedures where different, like she roller set my hair before using the blow dryer which I have always wanted my hairstylist in Toronto to do but because of timing her never did it. This process allows your hair to have more body and for someone with thin hair I prefer to have a rollerset. There was also limited use of the flat iron which is always good as it damages your hair. Overall the experience was good. And like all "around the way" hair salons there was some drama....something about a girl who later arrived had been threatened by her husband etc...etc. My BF communicated this to me after we had left.
Anyway, two and a half hours later I came out looking ultra FAB! Sorry I only have this pic to show but believe you me I was happier compared to my last hair salon experience. Stay FAB!

What's in the cup?

Recently a friend came over with McDonald's as he was too lazy to head home and eat and refused to eat what we had prepared. While he was eating his McDonald's I suddenly started to smell "beer". I wasn't drinking any beer and neither was anyone else in the house. So I asked him "what's in your cup?" and his response "beer". Yes my friends he bought beer from McDonald's He ordered it through Mcdrive which is the drive thru at McDonald's. So anytime you want to drink and drive head to McDonald's and order a All jokes aside I spoke about it for hours with our guest and drying to find a logical reason as to why they would offer beer at McDonald's? here is the pic.
Stay FAB!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What colour is your house?

Why, why, why? Is there a law in Italy that says the houses/apartments need to be painted a certain colour. The pics below are some of the colours in our neighbourhood which are not so bad compared to what I have seen else where in northern Italy. How about bright pink and puke green? Those of you who live in Italy do you know of any such laws or is it just personal taste?

Stay FAB!