Thursday, April 10, 2008

bye, bye, Guizza

A few months back Enrico and I decided to move back to his mom's house to save some money. We have some big plans ahead for September and we need all the money we can save. I can't share the details yet until a later date.
We having been living with his mom now for a week and we already feel the difference, doesn't feel the same. We both enjoyed having our space and everything else that comes with living alone. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy having dinner prepared for the evening at 10am, our clothes ironed to the crisp etc, etc but our preference is to be living alone. Anyway, we will do this for the next few months until our next BIG change happens.
So for now I can visit Guizza when I need to get my H&M fix or when I need to do a lot of shopping;)

Stay FAB!

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LaLa said...

I know partly how you feel moving back home, I had to go back with the parents for a while but as a single. It's a little different when you have a hubby. But it sounds like things are ok. My Momma had me cooking and doing her household foolishness for the privilege. Amazing how cultures differ. ;)