Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes it is. Italian Vogue, July issue is on newsstands now. Buy a copy and celebrate history as no other magazine has used so many black models in one issue, other than magazines like Essence and Ebony. I picked up my copy week or so ago after hearing the buzz months back

My thoughts:
I wasn't really expecting a lot. When I heard it was an "all black issue" I thought to myself there is no way a high fashion magazine will be able to pull this off. An "all black issue" to me means, black woman from front to back of the magazine. Well not quite. Valentino, Prada, Gucci ads in the magazine sadly did not feature black models. It's okay though because

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. I love the stories which speak about some of the influential black people in America.

If you haven't got it yet, GO AND GET IT.

Stay FAB!


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Anonymous said...

Girl, you know better than to tease me like that with your magazine. I have been trying to find a copy of this magazine everywhere in Atlanta and it still hasn't arrived in the bookstores, yet. I have only found two stores that have confirmed that they will be receiving shipments of the magazine. The one with the most potential is located in the richest part of Atlanta. The magazine is supposed to arrive on July 18th, but they will only have 8 copies. The guy at the bookstore told me that he has been getting hundreds of calls about this issue. Since the shipment arrives mid day on the day that I will be working, my chances of getting a copy are slim to none unless I’m there when the shipment arrives. I am trying to talk myself out of taking the day off and hanging out in the bookstore to stalk the mailman to get a copy, but I do have 18 vacation days left for the year so I might just give in to my desire. My fear is that there will be other women at the bookstore thinking the same thing as me, and I will have to fight to the death or pull out some of their hair weave to get a copy. LOL I’m just kidding of course. In my quest to get a copy of this magazine, I have even resorted to calling every person that I know from Hawaii, to Chicago, to New York City to see if they can get a copy for me so I still have hope. I have also placed bids on to see if I can win one of the auctions. Lastly, I even contacted Vogue's office in Europe to see if I could buy two copies but they are sold out. Although I am happy that the magazine has been a great success for Vogue, I am going to be really disappointed if I cannot get a copy of my own. I guess I will have to live vicariously through others telling me about the magazine.


LaLa said...

I don't know if we get Italian Vogue at the bookstore, but I'll get my hands on a copy. Principessa cioccolata (that's what a waiter called me in Montecatini). I was like "Aw Sooky Sooky Now!"

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I bought this the day it came out. The photos were amazing. My friends in the States say it will sell out. Bookstores and newsstands in the major cities are receiving hundreds of calls. Normally a stand in NYC will have 5 issues of Vogue Italia. I hope they printed extra issues.

p.s. When they say all Black they mean editorial. Ads don't count.

Ms. FoxyRoxy said...

anonymous, did you get your copy yet?
nyc/caribbean, wouldn't it be nice if the ads featured black woman. Oh Gucci, we love you
Loan, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did. I had to bid on copies through Ebay. I purchased a copy for $29 and a second copy for $36 dollars. The average retail price is $15.95. Talk about a mark up, huh?!! My cousin who lives in Chicago also ended up finding a few copies for me as well. Vogue ended up making reprints to meet the overwelming demand in the U.S., so the copies that I received from my cousin were the second edition/1st reprint.

All of photos were amazing but I wish your girl, Naomi, would keep her clothes on sometimes. I don't know, it may be a prudish American thing. American Vogue has some nudity in it, but not as much Italian Vogue. I have a few Italian Vanity Fairs and I don't remember seeing as much nudity.

Overall, I was happy with the issue and I am glad that I was able to find a few copies.

Thanks for asking.