Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

45 days is up

It is less than 45 days but I thought for some reason it would be ready early. Surprise, surprise, its not ready for pick up as yet. The waiting continues my friends.

Stay FAB

bye, bye, Guizza

A few months back Enrico and I decided to move back to his mom's house to save some money. We have some big plans ahead for September and we need all the money we can save. I can't share the details yet until a later date.
We having been living with his mom now for a week and we already feel the difference, doesn't feel the same. We both enjoyed having our space and everything else that comes with living alone. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy having dinner prepared for the evening at 10am, our clothes ironed to the crisp etc, etc but our preference is to be living alone. Anyway, we will do this for the next few months until our next BIG change happens.
So for now I can visit Guizza when I need to get my H&M fix or when I need to do a lot of shopping;)

Stay FAB!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Excuse me for having fun times in Italy, I will try to keep my post more current:)
A couple weeks back we spent two days in Milano (I heart Milano) for the Alicia Keys concert.
Do I say this girl stepped up her game. She took her ass from behind the keyboard and piano and put on an amazing show. You gotta give the props to her choreographer, fellow Torontoian, Ms. Scott.
We were able to stay in north Milano with our friends for the night which was nice as the drive back to Padova at 1230am would have been torture.
We drove through my favourite place lago di como because there was no parking...sniff...sniff but I was promised a visit back before the end of the summer. However I was able to see como from above as we went to the Jungle Park ( and I must say the view from above is just as beautiful. I was super excited about our visit to the jungle park as I had never done such an adventure, who wouldn't want to swing from trees like a We had the time of our lives and I paid for it days after as my body was swore as ever. But it was all worth it. When in the Milano area its a must visit expecially if you love that sort of thing even if you don't the experience is wonderful.

Stay FAB!