Saturday, June 28, 2008

Turn it UP

The good old summer heat is here in Italy. When I say it's hot in this city, its hot. Not only is it hot it's also humid. A kind of humidity that I am so not use to but realize that I better get used to it because it's here to stay. I have experienced some bad conditions in Toronto but have always been saved by the AC. Everywhere you go in Toronto during the summer months the AC is in full swing. I often brought a sweater with me as I knew every building would be kickin with AC. Here in Italy, its a different story. When I enter a building, for example the mall or a shop I am expecting to feel the difference in temperature from outside. But, no I continue to sweat....uuuggghh. Where I work there is AC but it's never in use. Those who are in Italy know what the weather has been like the last few days, HOTTTTTTT. So it would be nice if after riding my bike through the smog, traffic and humidity I get a little cool feeling if I was to enter a building. I am not saying that all inside places are like this but most of them are.
My OH's mom's house also has no AC and sleeping at night is just out right uncomfortable.
At least I know that in Australia the AC is kickin':) which is something to look forward to.



Kataroma said...

I hear you on the HEAT - it's horrible here in Rome too.

In Australia you won't need air conditioning as it will be winter when you arrive (or very early spring). Make sure you pack lots of wooly sweaters (or rather jumpers) as Australians generally don't heat things the way they do in Canada or here in Italy. It can get quite chilly in the winter without central heating. On the other hand it never gets that cold and you can swim (at least in Sydney) pretty much year round as the water is always warm.

Where in Australia are you going?

Ms. FoxyRoxy said...

kataroma, we are heading to Brisbane. We will arrive for Spring and experience summer shortly after. Have you been to Brisbane?

Kataroma said...

Actually, I've never been to Brisbane (shame, shame!) But I hear it's really HOT in the summer so you won't be escaping from that - but at least it's tropical and there are the beaches. You and your husband will need to learn to surf. :) And I hope you like mangoes!

I"m sure it never gets that cold in the winter in Brisbane like it does down south in Sydney or Canberra.

Good luck!!!!