Thursday, May 29, 2008


finally, picked up my PDis. I waited about 15mins and was asked only one question, "are you married to an Italian"? strange thing to ask but I am assuming it was because he was The PDis has an expiry date in September which gives me time to renew if need be and also came came with a protective card holder.
Lots of luck to those in the process of applying or those patiently waiting.

Stay FAB!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 minutes and Work

These two songs 4 minutes by Madonna and JT and Work by Kelly Rowland are both driving me to drink. Every second I turn on the radio I hear either one of these songs being played on at least two different radio stations. Its funny because I have never heard so much of Kelly Rowland since DC as she seemed to be in the foreshadows of Mrs. Knowles. I pray that the next time I turn on the radio here in Italy I hear something different like, ummmmmmm, I don't know but something other than M and KR.

Stay FAB!

7 months almost to the day

how weird is tha? I mailed out the application kit for the PDis on October 24th and I checked the website on May 23rd and guess what? its ready for pick up. So from start to finish it took about 7 months to receive the PDis. Its funny because the student visa that I have expires in one month so I am curious to see when the PDis will expire. For all of you that have a applied or going to apply note that it ain't no speedy process.

Stay FAB!


On a lovely afternoon when contemplating what to prepare for dinner I realized I needed some things at the grocery store. So I decided to take a short walk to the one near our home, not a big grocery store but a mid-size one. Well, when I got there I was very surprised to see that the supermarket, the butcher shop and the pasticheria were all closed on a WEDNESDAY...uuuggghh, how frustrating is that? I was told from my OH that these type of stores are closed on Wednesdays. We know Padova ain't a big city like Rome or Milan but it ain't small either. Anyway, I learned my lesson. No shopping on WEDNESDAYS....

Stay FAB!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The inside & The outside

As I haven't posted anything about the wonderful health care system in Italy, I thought now would be the right time.
Late last year I decided to visit a gynecologist at the request of my doctor back home in Toronto. I didn't feel to comfortable going for the visit as I was worried that the doctor wouldn't be able to understand my "bad" Italian. After doing some research and trying to decide whether to go private or public, I decided to go private. I do have health care coverage in Italy but was told by many Italians that the public system is a bit slow, if you know what I mean. The gynecologist that I saw was a woman who to my luck studied in Canada so therefore spoke English very well. Her practice was inside her house and separated from her living corridors. The medical part of her home looked like a doctors office, it was so weird but welcoming. Soon as I met her I felt comfortable. After a 30 minute visit and a few minutes of chit chat, I paid 70.00 euros for an internal/external exam. I was also given the pictures from the exam and a written report. The wait to see the doctor was about 25mins, the room and office area were clean. I followed up with the same doctor a month or two ago and all was the same. I didn't have to pay for the second visit as it was a follow visit.

A few weeks back, exactly 10 days before my big day I had a nasty allergic reaction. Nothing like I have every had before. My entire face was full of red bumps and my face was swollen. Do you say I was freaking out? oh hell yes. After the second day of my face not clearing up and to me only getting worse, I decided to visit the emergency department. Prior to my decision I once again was thinking private or public. I choose to go public this time due constant talk in my ears by my OH and his family, "you don't need private for this". Anyway, we went to the emergency department on a rainy night, waited about 1.5hours and was told to come back the next morning as there were no dermatologist available. I was told little of nothing by the doctor/nurse who saw my face but we all concluded that it was a "bad" allergic reaction. We had to pay a ticket (18.00 euros) which I understand is like a processing fee. Still don't understand it but it seems like a ticket is paid for many public services. The next morning we went back to the emergency department and went through the same procedure, wait (10mins), see a doctor (who spoke English very well, the night before I wasn't so lucky) and then see the dermatologist. The emergency doctor was very thorough asked a lot of questions and even touched my face. The night before the doctor like I said, said little of nothing. Once we arrived at the dermatologist office there were quite a few people waiting in line. So I imagined it would be another long wait. But as I was with my OH's mother and her friend (who is a retired psychiatrist), he knew the dermatologist working so the wait was about 10mins and the visit with the dermatologist was another 15mins. It was concluded that I had an allergic reaction to some kind of chemical that was sprayed in the air. I was told to apply a crotozone like cream to my face for 5 days twice a day. That same day my face started to break out, my OH sprayed an awful perfume in the air (never will forgive him for that)....The day before my big day my face cleared up. I was so happy and full of smiles. I would post pictures but I don't want to scare you
So that's my inside and outside experience.

Stay FAB!