Wednesday, July 26, 2006

very hot day in Padova

Chicco told me today in Padova, it was the hottest day ever. What am I going to do? a/c is not readly used in Italy. I am so used to the N.American way of cooling system, so I know it will be hard to adjust. Anyone else find adjusting difficult? how do you deal with it? Is a/c expensive to have in Italy? I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 24, I did not forget....

I did not forget that the day was a special day. I did not forget the 24th of July; I will never forget the 24th of the month. We know how special that day is and we will never forget what that day means to us. We will be together soon to celebrate our day together. September 24th 2006, will be a special day not a sad day....

ti voglio tanto bene, Chicco

Monday, July 24, 2006

Italian Consulate Part II

Well, today I decided to make another trip to the Italian consulate in Toronto. I did not wait long to speak to someone and the guy was very friendly. He gave me a list of things I would have to do prior to moving to Italy. From what I have read on line, it seems like I can start the process before I leave, or I can begin the process when I arrive in Italy. If I start the process in Toronto, they require a lot of information that I might not have at the present time. The Canadian Government seems to want a lot of information as well, I guess for tax purposes. I dunno why? I have a few months to decide which process I want to take. I will discuss w/ Chicco to decide which option is the best for the both of us.


Friday, July 21, 2006

hair salon

well, of all the things I am worried about for my move to Italy, finding a hair salon is VERY worrying for me. I know hair salons are easy to find in Italy and it's regions but finding a hair salon that is able to do black hair, will be TRICKY. I have searched the internet for hair salons who specialize in black hair but nothing has surfaced.....:( Enry, is trying to find some information for me but it looks like I might have to go to Firenze each time I need to do my hair (btw; i currently do my hair 1x every 2 weeks). I am sure Enry will not like driving me to Firenze (2 hour drive each way) and wait for me to do my hair. So I have to find something in the local area of Padova. Believe this, I am more worried about finding a good hair salon than I am about receiving my work papers.....oh lord!

new blogger!

Hi blogworld, I am new to this blog thing; any suggestions?

Italian Consulate in Toronto

So today i spent most of my time at work trying to get through to the Italian Consulate in Toronto. I should have known that these government runned offices would not take my call, but I remained persistent. After a few hours of voice mail, I finally gave up. So now I will have to visit the Italian Consulate in person and hopefully i can get some answers. If I know that I permantely want to live in Italy, where does the process start, in Toronto or in Italy? anyone know?

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Enrico, the love of my life:)
So, I have decided, prior to day, that I will be joining the love of my life in Padova, Italy. This is a hugh step for me because I have never pictured myself moving across the world to be with a man. I have however pictured myself living abroad, but swore up and down that it would not be for no man. I feel like there is much preparing to do as I will be relocating and changing my entire life. I have done a lot of research and know that here is much that I need to do to prepare for this move. The first thing I will do is SAVE my damn money and second, get my certificate in TEFL. I figure teaching English is the only way I will survive in Italy until I become fluent in Italian.